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Searobin Refund Policy


Searobin dive center’s refund policy attempts to accommodate its guests’ needs as much as possible in accordance with the following guidelines:

A FULL REFUND will be issued to the guest in the following circumstances:

  • If cancellation by our guest takes place more than 48 hours prior to schedule start of dive trip or course.
  • In the case where cancellation has been made by Searobin dive center due to weather condition as explained below or for any other reason.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: If the weather on the day of your diving trip / open water dives of a course prevents us from having a safe and enjoyable experience you will be informed that the trip is cancelled or of the need to change the diving trip to another day.
Please note that in the event of light rain without strong winds or big waves we will NOT cancel any dive trips, as it does not prevent us from having an enjoyable and safe experience.

NO REFUND will be issued to the guest in the following circumstances:
  • In the event of a guest being absent at the scheduled start time of the diving trip / course.
  • In the event that any guest cancels their tour after the 48-hour notice period prior to the scheduled start of the program.

Diving course refund of un-used portion of the course
Multi day Diving Course refund policy allows for cancelation without penalty at the end of each day of the course for complete refund of the portion of the course that has not been completed at that time.

Please note that the above guidelines are what you should expect as worst case scenario. Searobin Dive Center will do everything possible to keep cancellation / amendment costs to a minimum. Each cancellation case will be individually evaluated by our European management team to determine if there were any conditions that will warrant full refund.

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