PADI Specialty and PADI Adventures in Diving Program


Why A Specialty Diving Course?

How far will you take this passion you've developed for diving? It's up to you. With PADI Specialty Diver Programs you can chart your course for a colorful variety of awesome dives. Sure, your PADI certification opens up the oceans and lakes to you, but the PADI Specialty Dives take the underwater adventure to depths that will stir your soul by opening new opportunities for different underwater activities, under different conditions – for example, digitally photographing the fascinating nocturnal species you can only encounter during a night dive. Achieving PADI Specialty ratings can take anywhere from as little as one day to a full weekend -- but this is all hands-on, so you'll be diving right from the start.

What is the difference between PADI's Adventures in Diving and Specialty Diving Courses?

PADI’s Adventures in Diving Program is designed for those who might not yet be sure exactly what are their underwater interests and who want to try different activities. Then, after some exposure to different diving activities through the Adventures in Diving program, once you have identified specific interests, you can further develop your skills in those activities. This is done through PADI’s Specialty Diving Program.

Once you have identified your main interests you can specialize yourself in these activities. This is done through the Specialty Diving Program.

Look at the list below and choose some of the specialties. After completing knowledge development and scuba skills with 5 Adventure Dives, including a Deep Dive and a Navigation Dive, you qualify as an Advanced Open Water Diver. If during the your Adventure Dives you find that you want to learn more about, for example, underwater videography or night diving, you can take PADI Specialty courses in those subjects and expand your scuba diving knowledge and skills.

PADI Specialty diving courses


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