Learn to dive on Koh Samui

Scuba Diving Course Koh Samui

Course (click for details) Booking Prices from
Discover Scuba Diving - 2 Boat Dives 5,200 THB
Scuba Diver - 2 boat dives - 2 days 10,200 THB
Open Water Diver - 4 Boat Dives - 3 days 14,500 THB
Advanced OWD 5 boat dives - 2 days 12,500 THB
Rescue Diver - 2 Days 12,500 THB
*All prices avaiable only through on-line booking, "Early Booking price" 14 days in advance.

Learn to dive on Koh Samui
PADI & IFDI private scuba diving course on Samui

Discover Scuba

Discover Scuba


Level 0 - Scuba Diver

Scuba Diver


Level I - Open Water

Open Water Diver


Level II - AOWD


Scuba diving course Koh Samui - we are dedicated to provide you with quality PADI & IFDI scuba diving courses in a fun and comfortable atmosphere with individual attention paid to each student diver. Our diving courses in Ko Samui have a maximum ratio of four students per instructor, as we want to ensure that you receive the personal attention that you deserve in a safe and stress-free setting.
All our courses booked directly with us are private - we assign private instructor just for your or your group for your scuba diving course.

Dive course samui When you want to learn scuba diving, the first step is to take part in a Open Water Diver course, and when you complete the course you will have earned the most widely recognized and respected scuba diving certification in the world. Within a three days, you will be able to enjoy the underwater world.

If you are not completely sure if a full-blown scuba diving course is for you, there is always the option of doing our Discover Scuba Diving / Try Diving program and finding out what you're missing. With the Discover Scuba Diving program, you can enjoy the coral reef scuba diving experience under the close supervision of a scuba instructor in just one day, after learning just a few basic scuba skills necessary to ensure your safety.

No time for entire Open Water course but you still want reach a scuba diving certification? Well Scuba Diver is just a course for you. Theoretical background and skill session followed by 2 ocean dives makes you a confident diver. Did you liked the experience and want to upgrade - add just one day and you are Open Water Diver.

Diving courses start daily and all training material are available in almost any language. We will provide you with all needed theory materials in advance as eLearnig option.

IFDILearn to scuba dive with us today and discover the fun and adventurous freedom and serenity of a whole new world, underwater. Nothing comes closer to the unique feeling of feeling being totally weightless and free from gravity than diving underwater. Only a diver and an astronaut know the feeling!

PADI and SSI are the two largest scuba diver certification bodies in the world. IFDI is fairly new diving organisation focusing on best courses (all ISO conform) at low cost. Their qualifications are recognized everywhere and you will able to take the next step up in the PADI system and vice versa, however ... please follow the link

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