Searobin SSI Dive Center Koh Samui

Dive Site of Samui - Chumphon Pinnacle

Chumphon Pinnacle dive site samui
This dive site is an underwater granite mountain range encompassing an area of approximately 100 meters square, completely surrounded by deeper waters providing us with a world class dive site.
Granite Pinnacles and Boulder Formations
A Few Assorted Soft & Hard Corals
Whale sharks, Batfish, Jacks, Anemone Fish
Mild to Moderate Currents
10 to 30 Meters Visibility
Advanced Divers
whales shark sail rock samuiRegular sightings of whale sharks and bull sharks make this dive site one of the 'musts' of your trip. The pinnacles themselves are completely carpeted with sea anemones, and schools of batfish, barracudas, trevally & fusiliers create a spectacular scene in the surrounding waters.

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